Tax and bureaucracy-free Canada LLP

2,199.00 US-Dollar
  • Total costs: 2,199.00 US-Dollar (gross)
  • Total yearly costs: 499.00 US-Dollar (gross)
  • Total costs: 1,999.00 Euro (gross)

Costs details

The yearly costs of the first year are included in the total price.

Canada LLP consulting

Consulting description

I answer all your questions about the Canada LLP and about the founding process. I know all the steps and challenges on the way since I do have such a company myself and I already help many clients to get one. If this consulting is included in the founding process I will also guide you through the process and if you want I do the communication with the agency for you.

Is the consultation legally binding?

No, I am not an accredited tax or financial consultant. And I love it like this. Because I can show you the unconventional ways and system hacks. Therefore, my services are coachings. The execution remains your responsibility. However, all legal questions can be directed to the Canadian agency and its lawyers. Although I work closely together with them I am not part of their team or company. Therefore I need to exclude any liability for my information given in the consultations although I consult you to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also emphasize legality and morals. I will not consult you how to arrange illegal activities. I explicitly distance myself from that!

Can a consulting session have multiple participants?

Yes, you may also talk to me together with your family, friends or business partners. But it only makes sense if you have a common request or at least one which doesn’t require an individual consultation. This might be more adequate if you have different backgrounds and challenges.

May I record the consultation?

Yes, for private purposes you may record our talks. Then you can listen to it again later in your post-processing and don’t need to take notes while we are talking. But you are not allowed to publish your recording. Of course, you may also play it to friends, relatives and business partners.

Can we also use encrypted communication?

You may choose the way we communicate. But of course the easiest way might be if we just use Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp or Telegram.